Let Go of that Sh*t

Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

The best way to sabotage yourself is to “think” …and then… “over-think.”

Remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are just fine. It doesn’t matter how slowly you are going the fact is that you ARE moving.

That’s what counts = progress every-single-day.

Correct those damaging, self-inflicted thoughts with a positive attitude. Catch your mental brainwaves BEFORE you enter into the downward spiral. Your happiness is solely dependent upon YOU … Did you know that?

You are creating your reality. Every thought you thought yesterday is manifesting in your physical life today. AND, did you know that not every thought you think is yours? … Spooky, right? Learn to differentiate between what is your thought and what is a thought that someone is feeding to you — trust me, once you become aware of it, those thoughts will be easy to spot.

Think about it this way: You have an incredible power, an incredible gift within you — how are you going to use it? What do you want to create with it?


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