Advice from the Wise

“If you live from ‘HERE’ you will never be tired.”
-Kriya Master

Many people who know me well aren’t privy to this fact… I have been meditating since I was 10 years old. The practice of meditation is one that I have been consistent with since I started. Once I began I knew I had found my way home.

My search was over.

Meditation has been a wonderful way to calm myself during situations of stress. It has helped me to cope with loss in all its many forms. The practice has aided me in being aware of imbalances within myself when they arise from a trigger (whether it be an outside source or inner manifestation) and has allowed me to clear those blockages brought on by anger, angst, anxiety, depression, pain, fear, and whatever else may arise on the emotional roller coaster life occasionally throws at us.

I meditate daily using different techniques I have learned through my Kriya and Lamplighting Meditation School. I was blessed to be born into a family of meditators. They did not push me to meditate, the decision was mine and mine alone.

I attended church of various religions with different friends and have learned a little about a lot of different religious views, yet nothing felt quite as comfortable as my meditation practice.

I practice what I preach, so to speak. I also filter the knowledge I have learned and the information I have acquired into my fiction novels (I’m also a writer in case you are just hearing that for the 1st time.)

Once I run through the various techniques of my practice and am ready to meditate… I feel waves of bliss, calm, strength, independence, centered-ness, gracefulness, being in the flow, present, love, devotion, service, gratitude, and I am keenly aware of how big my being truly is and how connected we all are to one another.

My meditation practice allows me to remain calm, think rationally in moments of frenzy, act (without simply reacting), and be as centered as I possibly can as I serve others to the very best of my abilities.

My life is better every day for the work I have been doing on myself since I was ten years old — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Now remember, no one is perfect. I have moments of break-downs and lash-outs just like everyone else. I can feel overwhelmed. I get stressed. I feel pain. I have doubts and fears.

But, I have an incredible practice that allows me to have my freak-outs, learn from them, and then move on. We don’t have to carry that baggage with us.

Seek help if you need it. Make changes if you need to. Find what works for you.

Do what is in harmony with you and your needs.

Now, to get back to the quote for a moment: “If you live from ‘HERE’ you will never be tired.

This was said to me by a Kriya Master in the lineage of my meditation school. What I gathered from it was this: if you live from “here” = meaning the middle path, the center — you will never be tired because you will be living in the center of the life force of the source. The source never tires, it is never depleted, and it is constantly giving and receiving in a consistent flow of energy that is at your disposal.

Reawaken to yourself and realize the entirety of who you are so that you can share that blessing with the world.

We, as humans, are changing and growing all the time — that’s the beauty of it — but, having that flow at your fingertips allows for easier change, smoother transitions, and bigger and faster changes.

You asked for it, now go do something with it.


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