“Nothing is Impossible.
The only impossibility is between your ears.”
-Clare Angelica, 12/13/2010

Wow, I’ve been finding gems from notebooks from 2010 — check out my blog to see the poem I wrote circa 12/18/2010.

Anyway, to address the headline, YES = I’m serious. Yes, you’ve been told this before. No, I’m probably not the first person to say the above quote on the graphic like that before, but I wrote it down like I did. And yes, your biggest challenge lays in your mind, not in the actual work.

No matter what you are doing — i.e. a change in careers, a new hobby, a long distance trip, traveling overseas by yourself for the first time, living on your own, making big purchases, investing time in your future, training for a marathon, dedicating your time to philanthropy, falling in love, re-discovering the love you have for yourself, changing your diet, stepping up your game… etc … I think you are grasping the point…

No matter what you are doing the hardest part is getting out of your head and into your work.

We psych ourselves out. We think too much about how hard something is going to be instead of just doing it. We self-sabotage before we even begin. We setup invisible barriers for ourselves where they need be none.

Get out of your head and take that first step forward. All grand leaps started off with one tiny movement — and once you get moving, you’ll find it is hard to stop.

Go big or go home!

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