DIY: Cure

DIY: Toenail Fungus Cure

Ok, I have been prolonging this article because it is embarrassing and I was very insecure about my toes for a very, very long time… So, here we go.

(Make sure you read to the end — there’s a few helpful hints.)

I contracted a toenail fungus from a local nail salon in my area and I lived with it for…several years (at least one) before I finally took action. Why did I wait so long? I was insecure and felt bad that I had gotten it in the first place, but I figured out a solution and it hasn’t come back!

First of all, I began by killing the fungus internally with Olive Leaf Extract taken in a pill form daily — I have only recently quit taking it, but nothing has resurfaced 🙂

When my nails still looked like this:

Pre DIY: Cure

I figured it was time to do some research online for a safe, effective way to get rid of the discoloration on my nails. I was not going to start taking some heavy-duty medication that only a doctor can prescribe — because, honestly, I’m not really into that route.

I did some digging and found that distilled-white vinegar combine with hydrogen peroxide can do the trick, so…

Here’s the formula I used:

  • 2 cups Hot Water
  • 2 cups Distilled White Vinegar
  • A healthy squirt of Hydrogen Peroxide into the water/vinegar mixture

Now, you can adjust as needed due to the size of the container you use to soak your feet and/or the size of your feet. It is basically an equal-parts ratio. No, you aren’t worrying about soaking your entire foot. The goal is to have enough of the mixture to cover the affected area completely.

Soak for 10-15mins two-times daily.

I’m an extremist (and knew that what I was soaking my feet in wasn’t toxic) so I soaked my feet for a minimum of 15 minutes twice a day for a week.

I could feel the cure working as it killed off any lingering fungus from my outer nail and beneath the nail bed. I believe that the hydrogen peroxide is a vital addition to aiding in this DIY: Cure.

After the week was up, I still had the white residue left on my nails. I took a nail file (never to be used again, on anything, ever) and filed off the remaining white layer. What was left behind after the removal of the thick, white layer was a beautiful, healthy nail!

I suggest doing a foot-soak immediately after filing off the white layer in order to kill off any residuals. You’ll feel it working once again. It also helps keep the nail healthy and free of infection.

I kept up my foot soak for at least a month total, weaning off from two-times a day to once daily. And, honestly, I haven’t done the foot-soak since that month was over. I haven’t needed to.

While I was struggling with the aesthetic appearance of my toenails since contracting the fungus I was constantly painting over it with polish and hiding it away. This did not allow my nail to breathe and I feel it worked as a way to seal in the fungus. I strongly suggest that you throw away all nail polish that came in contact with the infection — Start over completely!

Since completing this cure, I have not worn toenail polish since — and it’s been around four years or so since I got it all cleared up. I love my toenails again and I don’t feel a need to cover them up anymore or hide them away.

Now, this cure worked great for me (and others whose toes look like the “Pre DIY: Cure”), but I can’t guarantee the same results. If you know something that helps with this, please share it with me!

This is simple, natural, and effective. Give it a try!

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