To Dye or Not to Dye

(L) Pre-Dye. (Middle) Application. (R) Post-Dye.

I have been consistently dying my eyelashes since high school because: A. Mascara irritates my eyes. B. I tend to rub my eyes and therefore smudge whatever makeup was placed there… and C. My lashes are blonde and when I dye them a deep black it makes my eyes *POP* and I like that I can wear “makeup” without having to apply it every-single-day.

Now… dying of the eyebrows… I have wanted to try this for years, and finally had the courage to do it a few months ago (I recently dyed them for the 2nd time) and I love it! My eyebrows are a light brown to blonde (especially when I’m out in the sun, they nearly disappear). Once dyed, my eyebrows frame my eyes and make them pop as well. I like being able to see them more prominently.

Of course, dying is a personal preference. I wear minimal makeup, so whenever I can find a shortcut to make it appear as though I am wearing makeup, I’ll do it 🙂  (My best friend’s are my concealer and lip gloss)

I use professional products and specific lash / brow dyes which is wonderful because it does not dye the skin (or if it does, it washes off promptly).

Have fun!

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