In Every Past There is a Future

Look forward --- what can be gained by looking back is knowledge, but it is no place to live.



This is how people succeed. It is not because they are the best, the brightest, or the most gifted. It is because they are determined. The successful have an unwillingness to give up. They set their sights on their goal and they do not stop until they have accomplished it (and then they set another... Continue Reading →

To Dye or Not to Dye

So... I have been consistently dying my eyelashes since high school because: A. Mascara irritates my eyes. B. I tend to rub my eyes and therefore smudge whatever makeup was placed there... and C. My lashes are blonde and when I dye them a deep black it makes my eyes *POP* and I like that... Continue Reading →

DIY: Cure

Ok, I have been prolonging this article because it is embarrassing and I was very insecure about my toes for a very, very long time... So, here we go. (Make sure you read to the end --- there's a few helpful hints.) I contracted a toenail fungus from a local nail salon in my area... Continue Reading →


Wow, I've been finding gems from notebooks from 2010 --- check out my blog to see the poem I wrote circa 12/18/2010. Anyway, to address the headline, YES = I'm serious. Yes, you've been told this before. No, I'm probably not the first person to say the above quote on the graphic like that before,... Continue Reading →

Narrow Thinking, Narrow Life

How do you want to live? How do you want your life to feel? Where do you want to spend your time? This quote by Honoré de Balzac definitely struck a chord with me. Then, once delving into some research about him, I came to find that he was a French Novelist and Playwright (May 1799 –... Continue Reading →

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Physical beauty fades, but a beautiful soul will leave its mark on whomever it touches. People will often forget your name, how you looked, what you were wearing, but they will remember how you made them feel. When you speak to someone else, speak as if there is no one else in the room. When... Continue Reading →

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