Go Big or Go Home

If you aren't willing to take the risk, you don't deserve the reward.

DIY: Cure

Ok, I have been prolonging this article because it is embarrassing and I was very insecure about my toes for a very, very long time... So, here we go. (Make sure you read to the end --- there's a few helpful hints.) I contracted a toenail fungus from a local nail salon in my area... Continue Reading →

It is All About ME!

Yes, it is all about YOU! No joke! When it comes to self-care the only person you need to be concerned about is you and your needs. (duh) As you begin to move forward on your path, remember that everything you do is essentially for you. Yes, family, friends, etc... are all factors in your... Continue Reading →

DIY: Charcoal Mask

There's been a LOT of hype about charcoal recently : adding it into your food, facial products, toothpaste, using it as an internal digestive aid, and more... So I thought I'd try the mask because I already faithfully carry "Activated Charcoal" capsules with me whenever I travel (especially abroad) --- it's a life saver. I... Continue Reading →

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