I have been practicing Meditation through “Mountain Institute, Inc. – A Kriya & Lamplighting School” since I was ten years old.

Through this practice I have become more centered, balanced, peaceful, calm, joyous, grateful, devoted, service-oriented, mindful, aware, observant, loving, understanding, and knowing.

This daily practice has brought stress-relief, better coping skills during trying times, and a blissful ease that everyone is exactly where they need to be and in that it is perfect.

The work has also taught me that no matter what situation I find myself in I have the capability to get myself out of it, to alter it, and to make it better for myself.

If you seek a greater knowing of self and balance within this chaotic world, check out the Beginning Meditation Book and CD — it’s a gentle introduction into the meditation practice that is a part of my daily routine.

To see what they are up too, visit them here.

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